The influence of Tommy

Tommy Hafey is a legend of Australian Sport and over the years has influenced hundreds of VFL/AFL players as well as thousands of Australians due to his motivational speeches.

When Hafey lost his battle to cancer in 2014, we lost an icon who will always be remembered for his fitness and positive outlook on life, while former players and friends, including Kevin Bartlett and Kevin Sheedy lost a mentor and a father figure.

At the beginning of the 2015 AFL season, I came up with the idea of trying to link every 2015 senior AFL coach to Tommy Hafey.

The objective had to follow the guidelines that the coaches had to either have played under Hafey, or worked with past coaches who had a connection with Hafey.

My findings show that every senior coach can be traced back to the influence of Hafey and this is displayed in the diagram below.

With this broad influence it can be assumed Hafey’s influence will last as long as the great game of Aussie Rules.


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