Unlikely legend retires, legacy lives on

Last week WWE superstar Daniel Bryan announced his retirement from wrestling.

The 34 year old and one time WWE champion said advice from medical experts resulted in his retirement.

Bryan had endured two years of health issues, following a neck injury after the 2014 Wrestlemania.

However, his decision to retire came after medical tests to concussion and the side effects of numerous concussions.

Bryan said he lost count on the number of concussions he has had in his 16-year wrestling career and said the toll the concussions have taken on his brain forced him into an early retirement.

Fans across the globe have taken to social media to express their gratitude to the wrestler, with the hashtag ‘#ThankYouDanielBryan’ trending at number one on Twitter, worldwide.

Standing at 178cm and weighing 86kg, Bryan was not a stereotypical WWE superstar. But what he lacked in appearance he made up for in determination and in-ring ability.

10 years working in the Independent wrestling scene allowed Daniel Bryan to perfect his in-ring style, which was considered one of the best on the WWE roster.

But for all the ability he had, Bryan had trouble being considered with the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton and Triple H early in his WWE career, due to his ‘nerd-like’ image.

Things took a turn for the better when Bryan began the ‘Yes’ chant, which instantly fastened with the WWE fans.

The chant would later become a movement, which spread to sports around the world and is regularly heard at Michigan State College matches.

Bryan’s career peaked at the 2014 Wrestlemania, when he defeated ‘The Game’, Triple H, to clinch a WWE title match against Randy Orton and Bautista.

Bryan would eventually win the match and clinch his first WWE championship title on the 30th edition of the showcase.

The jubilation of winning the WWE belt would not last long for Bryan as he would require neck surgery in the weeks after Wrestlemania.

Since then, Bryan has only managed to return for two months before he re-injured himself.

Though Bryan has not been a regular in the WWE for the last two years, the famous ‘Yes’ chant can be heard at every WWE show.

When asked how he want’s fans to remember him Bryan said he doesn’t want people to personally remember his wrestling.

“I want fans to remember the fun they had with their sons and daughters, while watching my shows,” said Bryan.

Daniel Bryan said he plans to “help people and help the world” in retirement.



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