‘Never say never’ as an in-ring return looms for Daniel Bryan

Former WWE Champion and current Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan has refused to rule out a return to the wrestling ring.

Speaking on Talksport’s Gorilla Position, Bryan declined to end speculation that he will be returning to the ring.

“Never say never”, Bryan said when asked by James Delow whether his on-air feud with The Miz would lead to a match.

“If you were to ask WWE the answer would be no but the one thing about (WWE) or any type of fighting or sport is that you never say never”.

“I look at it from a doctor stand point and I’m like ‘is there anything more I can do to get cleared?’ and right now I’ve done everything I can possibly do. It’s an unfortunate scenario for me”.

A return to wrestling would be a massive back-flip for Bryan who retired last year following advice from medical experts.

In his retirement Bryan revealed he had suffered 10 documented concussions while wrestling and that the concussions had taken a toll on his brain.

A return to wrestling would likely see Bryan face off with The Miz.

Though The Miz would be seen as an obvious choice for a challenger considering the two have had a public feud on Smackdown, questions would need to be raised as to why Bryan would arguably risk his health to fight The Miz.

Sting and Goldberg are two wrestlers who have come out of retirement in recent years and both have fought in drawcard matches against Triple H and Brock Lesnar.

The Miz may have improved his in-ring performances and is now one of the top heels in the WWE, but he is still way off the standard of Triple H and Brock Lesnar.

A return for Bryan should only occur if he is given a drawcard match, possibly against someone like the Undertaker.

Aside from medical experts, Bryan would also have to convince wife Brie Bella that he is capable of returning to the ring.

In the wake of his retirement Bryan suffered depression and lived alone for a few months, putting strain on the couples marriage.

The couple are also expecting a baby in April and this will likely see Bryan have a break from the WWE circuit to focus on his family.

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