Expectations low for Wrestlemania 33

Wrestlemania 32 will go down as one of the greatest spectacles in sports entertainment history.

The event had everything; a crowd of 101,000, unforgettable matches, extravagant entrances and the reunion of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and The Rock.

Topping the feats of lasts years event is no easy achievement but it’s safe to say Wrestlemania 33 will fail to replicate last years extravaganza.

Wrestlemania 32’s main event of Triple H and Roman Reigns was by no means a match for the ages. But compared to this year’s main event, it will be a match to remember.

Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar would be a top billing main event if it was 2004, but in 2017 the match is less thrilling.

In their match at Survivor Series, Goldberg defeated Lesnar in 86 seconds.

Then for the Universal Championship at Fastlane, Goldberg defeated Kevin Owens in 22 seconds.

It is understandable that the WWE are giving Goldberg squash matches.

In his return to the WWE, Goldberg branded himself as a superhero and someone for children to look up to.

But are the WWE giving Goldberg squash matches to make him appear indestructible or is it because at the age of 50 and a retired wrestler for 13 years, Goldberg can no longer perform in a gruelling match?

At the grandest of stages a squash match will not be accepted by the WWE universe, especially as the match is a main event.

If Goldberg relinquishes the title to Brock Lesnar that would also be less than impressive.

Lesnar is a prize fighter and only wrestles at pay-per views, meaning there will be no matches against the universal champion on Raw programming.


Brock Lesnar

Without the Universal champion featuring on Raw, only the United States champion, the Tag-Team champions will be seen on Raw.

The United States championship and the Tag-Team titles are almost irrelevant on Raw and without the Universal champion on the program, viewers may skip the show.

The Universal championship isn’t the only concern for Raw at Wrestlemania.

The Women’s Division has brought a breath of fresh air to the WWE and the three-way battle between Bayley, Charlotte and Sasha Banks will deliver at Wrestlemania.

But the build up to the match has been disappointing and Charlotte losing at Fastlane was an error of judgement by the WWE.

Charlotte had an undefeated pay-per-view streak, which was broken at Fastlane.

Charlotte’s streak was similar to the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak as fans became engrossed the longer it went.


Charlotte was undefeated in 16 pay-per-views

It would have been appropriate to end the streak at Wrestlemania instead of Fastlane as the streak would have brought extra publicity to the match.

But for some reason the WWE decided Fastlane was the ideal place to end the streak.

The red half of the WWE isn’t the only reason Wrestlemania 33 will be a failure.

Two rumoured matches from Smackdown will also leave the WWE universe unimpressed.


Nikki Bella is expected to retire after Wrestlemania and the perfect ending to her career would be for her to team-up with her boyfriend, John Cena.

In recent weeks Bella and Cena have teamed up, only to be attacked by The Miz and Maryse, signalling the two couples will go head to head at Wrestlemania.

The match is perfect to link with the Total Divas reality show but for someone as renowned as John Cena, the match does not reach expectations.

It is unclear how long Cena will continue to wrestle and a match against the Undertaker would be the perfect ending to both Cena and Taker’s careers.

But at Wrestlemania 33, Cena will be wrestling in a reality match and the Undertaker will be up against ‘The Guy’ Roman Reigns.

The final disappointment heading to Wrestlemania is the likely match between AJ Styles and Shane McMahon.

Styles has been the WWE’s star man for the past year and a match against Bray Wyatt looked certain until Randy Orton decided he wanted to fight Wyatt.

On last weeks Smackdown Styles told Shane McMahon he was not afraid of the Smackdown boss and this has set off rumours of a feud between the pair.

After the year he has had, Styles deserves a match against one of the best wrestlers in the WWE.

But instead he will have a match with a man known more for his daredevil feats, than his technical in-ring ability.

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