AFL news you may have missed this week (April 3-7)

A big part of this weeks AFL programs focused on the suspension to Jordan Lewis and the form of Gary Ablett.

With so much focus on these two issue, there were other important topics that failed to garner the attention they deserved.

We look at the three talking points that went under radar this week.


  1. Mark Robinson talks head knocks


Mark Robinson

Tuesday nights episode of AFL 360 focused on Jordan Lewis and his response to his three-week suspension.

But while Lewis gathered all the attention, a topic raised by Mark Robinson did not get the airtime it deserved.

Robbo asked Jack Riewoldt whether Dustin Martin would play this weekend with a fractured eye socket.

When Riewoldt said it was highly likely Martin would line up, Robbo asked why it is okay for players to play with fractures to their head.

“We talk about concussion all the time but why are players allowed to play with hairline fractures in their head?” Robbo asked.

Robbo raised are good point because if Martin was concussed from the head knock, he would have missed the rest of the game and be unavailable for this week.

Concussion is the trending injury at the moment and with more data being released in the United States, it is clear sports stars are putting their futures at risk with every hit to the head.

Concussion and a fractured eye socket have similar symptoms, including double vision and if a player gets hit in the same spot again and could cause a complete break to the skull.

All head injuries should be treated with the same importance and if there were more research into fractured eye sockets and the effects they may have, would Dustin Martin be playing this week?


  1. Cameron Mooney on Gary Ablett’s return to Geelong

On the Wednesday program of 1116 SEN’s ‘The Run Home’, Geelong premiership player Cameron Mooney questioned Geelong’s attempts to recruit Garry Ablett.

Mooney acknowledged that everyone at Geelong would love to see Ablett return to the club, but suggested Geelong’s attempts to lure the two time Brownlow Medallist “contradicting” everything the club has done under Chris Scott.

“It will be contradictory, throwing out Bartel, Kelly, Chapman, Joel Corey and getting another 34-year old,” said Mooney.

Mooney did however say he would love to see Ablett at the club and believed it would be a good deal for the Cats if they could get him in the cheap.



  1. No seatbelt for Sticks

The Footy Show got Stephen Kernahan to do something many people have tried over the years and that’s re-sing ‘Stand by your man’.

But as much of an achievement this is, they failed to ensure Kernahan abided by the law.

Kernahan sat in the back of a Toyota Hilux with no visible seatbelt on, singing the Tammy Wynette tune, with Richmond star Alex Rance and country singer Lee Kernaghan.

It isn’t the first time Channel Nine have had an issue with talent wearing seatbelt’s.

Late last year Channel Nine cricket commentators Shane Warne, Michael Slater and Kevin Peterson were given infringement notices by the Tasmanian Police for not wearing seatbelt’s.

Channel Nine will be hoping Victoria Police don’t notice the misdemeanour or read this article.

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