The definitive guide to the EPL transfer window

With the transfer window opening on July 1, we take a look at what to expect during the transfer period in our ‘Definitive guide to the transfer window’.


  1. Do not trust newspapers named after stars

According to the ‘Daily Star’ Cristiano Ronaldo was returning to Manchester United in August 2013.

The ‘Daily Star’ even went as far as to predict the date of when Ronaldo would return.

Four years on and United fans are still waiting for the favourite son to return.

Being one of the smaller newspapers in overcrowded UK market means the ‘Daily Star’ must make bold claims to gain consumer attention.

But the ‘Daily Stars’ click bait headlines has resulted in the paper having little credibility.

The same can be said of ‘The Sun’.

‘The Sun’ is a tabloid newspaper owned by News Corp and is structured like a gossip magazine.

Instead of hard hitting stories, ‘The Sun’ is focused on delivering readers the latest gossip on celebrities and risque stories.

‘The Sun’ publishes the latest news about theWAGS and social lives of footballers, instead of their on-field exploits.

‘The Sun’s’ credibility took a hit in 1989, when it published false accusations about Liverpool supporters in the wake of the Hillsborough disaster.


Front page of The Sun four days after Hillsborough

Liverpool FC have since banned the paper from Anfield.

  1. Manchester United will be linked to hundreds of players

Over 100 players are linked to Manchester United every season.

Being the biggest club in the world means managers and teams want to link their players to United because it boosts the publicity of the player and can increase their value.

To distinguish between a real and fake transfer, work out which sources are trustworthy.

Guillem Balague of Sky Sports and Gabriele Marcotti of ESPN are the more trustworthy reporters.

Also while reading rumours think if the club would really want the player they are linked to.

Would Manchester United want Alvaro Morata?

A 24 year old world class striker, of course they would.


Morata Manchester United bound

Would Manchester United to spend £71million for Saul Niguez?

Highly unlikely.

  1. Arsenal linked to Cavani and Lacazette

When weren’t Arsenal linked to Cavani or Lacazette?


Lacazette and Cavani

The Gunners are crying out for a world-class striker but manager Arsene Wenger refuses to splash the cash on talent.

Instead Arsenal purchase Danny Welbeck and Lucas Perez and rue another missed opportunity to win the league.

The Gunners usually wait until the final week of the transfer window to finalise purchases, so expect a quiet July from the Gunners. 

  1. Teams will overpay for British talent 

With so many foreigners in the Premier League, quality English players are few and far between.

The lack of talent means teams will spend enormous sums of money to purchase English players.

Last year Manchester City spent £50 million on John Stones and the year before they spent the same amount on Raheem Sterling.


John Stones signing for Manchester City

So far this season Everton have spent £30 million on Jordan Pickford and are set to pay £25 million on Michael Keane.

Reports also suggest Manchester United are willing to spend £200 million on Harry Kane.

  1. Transfer records will be smashed

Premier League clubs spent £1.165 billion on transfers in 2016/17, surpassing the £870 million spent in 2015/16.

Thirteen EPL sides broke their transfer records and a total of £155 million was spent on deadline day.


Transfer figures over the years. Courtesy: BBC

The increase is due to the new £5.1 billion broadcast deal, which came to effect last season and saw the revenue of all clubs rise.

Chelsea received £38 million in prize money for finishing first, while the seventh placed Everton were awarded £26.6 million.

Clubs around the world know Premier League teams have enormous amount to money to spend and will request large sums for their players.

This will see the transfer records smashed yet again in 2017/18.

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